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Fathers and Daughters
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Martha Hamm, Founder and CEO
Online Counseling


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Get connected online or by phone to a licensed therapist

Why use online therapy?

A traditional therapy setting during business hours is not the best way for everyone to receive the help they need or want. For some the setting is uncomfortable while for others dedicating time for visits during business hours is not possible or is financially burdensome. Further, since many have no insurance to cover expensive traditional visits, they are left without help. Ok, Let’s Talk may be the best option for you.

This unique option allows you to have an online session with me when it is convenient for you and as often as you want rather than having an extended program laid out for you. The lack of awkward waiting rooms with the possibility of a chance embarrassing encounter with someone you know provides privacy. Eliminating office expenses keep costs reasonable. Equally important, no record exists because you call me. This means my services are completely disconnected from your place of employment so no one knows but you.

What I can do for you

I am a gentle and careful listener. Common issues are blended families, pressures at work, past experiences, and the loss of loved ones whether through death, breakups or circumstances. No topic is off-limits because life has no limits.

Support is also offered through various strategies such as stress management techniques, meditation skills, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral strategies, self-esteem enhancement and improvement, and goal setting.