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Pay $145 for an hour session.

Get help with coping

Our mission is to help others feel better about themselves and their situation in the privacy of their own home or any other location of their choice.

Come on in and work with us to create your best you!

Everyone can benefit from therapy during a crisis or any time a person would like to have additional support or someone to talk to about specific things. At OK. Let’s Talk, we are providing you with a judgement free zone as you decide to share as much or as little as you want to share. During our sessions we will work on removing blockages from your ability to be your best self. Often, your current functioning is related to our issues from the past.

Together we will resolve past issues so you will no longer have to carry them into our present life thus creating unfulfilling relationships.
Martha Hamm’s style is casual, direct and validating. She respects the individual and individual goals.
We will collaborate to meet your goals. The simple things lead to improvement. If you consistently apply only one technique that is offered, your life will change dramatically. Imagine what can happen if you apply 3 or 4 or 5 techniques! The result is all in your hands. Come on in and work with me to create your best you.

OK. LET’S TALK, LLC is a private practice counseling firm, established in 2014.

Message from the Founder

Hi, I am Martha Hamm, LCSW. I am a licensed therapist with over two decades of counseling experience in various settings. When I launched OK, LET’S TALK, I knew traditional therapy setting during business hours is not always the best way for everyone to receive the help they need or want. For some the setting is uncomfortable while for others dedicating time for visits during business hours is not possible. I am glad you found my website and I am looking forward to working with you towards your healing journey.

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