Let’s explore grief and the grieving process for a minute

Grief is something that we will all experience at one time or another. It can be the grief from a pet, it can be grief from grandparents, parents, friends, children, siblings, coworkers.

Grief comes in many packages and the main thing to remember, I think, about grief is to let yourself experience it. Don’t try to stuff it, don’t try to hold it in. It’s a natural reaction to the loss of someone or something in your life that meant something to you. So allow yourself to feel that grief.

There’s no certain length of time that you have to be finished with your grieving. It’s all very individual and you grieve until you don’t need to. It might be a week, it might be two months, it might be years.

The important thing is though you don’t let your grief keep you from living life. And that’s something that can be worked on and can be supported and helped and families can help each other in the grieving process.

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